Birthday Gifts for Dad
3 Affordable and Special Gifts for Boyfriend

It is understood that boyfriends are difficult to shop for. You want to give him something worth, meaningful and personal. When I say personal about giving gifts for boyfriend, you may think of writing a beautiful holiday poem for him, but it can only be enjoyed for that moment and then put away inside the drawer or somewhere else. This is the difficult situation that every girlfriend has to go through when some special occasion comes up. And it is also important to be within the budget as well.

For all the ladies around the world, here is a list of three inexpensive and unique gift ideas for your guy this holiday season. Put your efforts and give a memorable gift for boyfriend of his life.

1. Prepare chocolate coated strawberries with lovely messages: Believe me, it is very easy and liked by everyone. Your boyfriend will love strawberries. Buy couple of cartons of strawberries from a grocery store and a chocolate bar for melting as well. The chocolate bars are normally found in baking aisle or come in pre packed boxed in the form of chips. What kind of chocolate you want to buy is up to you. But regular milk chocolate is preferred. Melt the chocolate in on a low heat in a saucepan and pour it on strawberries. Put it inside the fridge and chill it until the crust is hard. Buy muffin holders and write some romantic messages to your boyfriend on the surface of every cup. Put strawberries that are finished in these cups and give him as a gift with a batch, every man in the world will definitely like it. This is the best gift for him.

2. Make a personalized game bowl or hard case: Go to a store and buy a hard suitcase or big and nice snack bowls. Clean the bottom of these things properly and then beautify with decals and stickers from his favorite games, music artists or sports teams. Select his favorite team color for the game bowl and decorate the bowl with stickers from his favorite team. This can be used by him as his snack dish while watching the game on TV. You can also decorate a hard suitcase with some logos, stickers and decals and this can be his carry on luggage while traveling. When you personalize a gift with your thought giving gifts for boyfriend is not as hard as you may think sometimes.

3. Make your own music: A vintage idea arising from the mixed tape. Make you own CD compilation with some special songs that you like to share with your boyfriend. It would be a good and thoughtful gift that he can listen whenever he wants and inspire his feelings for you.